The Potteries Prize

The Potteries Prize for Flash Fiction 2019!

We’re thrilled to announce the Potteries Prize for Flash Fiction competition in conjunction with Stoke-on-Trent Libraries will be happening again this year. Watch this space for details on how to enter, what our judges are looking for this year and our prize giving event. In the meantime, here are our shortlisted stories from last year…

Most entertaining story

First place: ‘A Haunting’ by Lisa Culligan

Second place: ‘Love is…’ by Sam Palmer

Third place: ‘Baubles’ by Michelle Richardson

Highly Commended (in no particular order): ‘Countdown to Nothing’ by Jan Edwards

‘From Tunstall to Australia in five minutes’ by Mary Lewis

‘The Glory Hole’ by Gill Evans

Most beautiful use of language

First place: ‘A Story of the Bird People’ by Jacoby Hayward (overall winner)

Second place: ‘Wonderland’ by Dave Proudlove

Third place: ‘ The Mermaids Pool’ by Alison Hill

Highly Commended (in no particular order): ‘Sankofa’ by Jason Smith

‘Eternal Connection Dot Com’ by Dan Weatherer

‘Green Fire’ by Iona Eyre

Best character/ voice

First place: ‘Second Chance’ by Mary Bennett

Second place: ‘Pride of Place’ by Dawn Lacey

Third place: ‘The Lighthouse Wives’ by June Palmer

Highly Commended (in no particular order): ‘The Diamond’ by Whitney Bryan

‘Crime, Punishment and the Idiot’ by Craig Walker

‘Driving Lesson’ by Alex Harford

Best line

First place: ‘The Cat came back’ by Beryl Crawford (last line)

Second place: ‘Soul Music’ by Jacqueline Diffey (first line)

Third place: ‘There came a Viking riding on a Sunbeam’ by Francis Lloyd (title)